Environmental Science

Bluestar is making important contributions to the use of new energy and environmental protection for mankind. With a complete range of technologies and cleaning engineering companies, it has undertaken cleaning projects for national large key complete sets of equipment in the petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, chemical engineering, and non-ferrous metallurgical industries. Bluestar, a important player in China’s membrane technologies for water treatment, has committed itself to providing safe drinking water for humanity through desalination, representing a champion in China's water treatment industry. Bluestar has proactively practiced the social responsibility of a corporate citizen. It has been committed to improving the living environment of mankind based on new energy and recycled water, in a bid to achieve the harmony between enterprises and nature and the sustainable development strategy.


  Main products and services Main enterprises
Environment Cleaning engineering/cleaning agents, vehicle supplies (windshield washer fluid, antifreeze), water treatment chemicals, and membrane equipment/water treatment engineering Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd., Tianjin Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd., Shenyang Bluestar Cleaning Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center Co., Ltd., and Toray Bluestar Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
Science and Technology Engineering Services Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Institute Co., Ltd., China Bluestar Changsha Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Synthetic Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Bluestar Chengrand Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Gansu Hongrun Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.
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