Hao Zhigang Appointed as CEO of Adisseo to Promote New Development of Global Strategy

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

From July 1, 2023, in order to further promote integration and the new development of the global strategy, Hao Zhigang, Chairman and Party Secretary of Bluestar and Chairman of Adisseo, will also serve as CEO of Bluestar Adisseo Company (hereinafter referred to as Adisseo). Jean-Marc Dublanc will step down as CEO on June 30, 2023.

With rich experience in cross-cultural communication and management, Hao Zhigang has been with Bluestar for almost 20 years and has been involved in management of Adisseo since 2010. The simultaneous appointment of Hao Zhigang as CEO of Adisseo will better manage the coordination and relations with Adisseo’s shareholders, enabling a decision-making process with faster speed and higher efficiency, which is critical under current macro-environment with great uncertainties and volatilities.

Fully responsible for the strategic development of Adisseo, Hao Zhigang will directly lead the Adisseo executive team, including COO Frédéric Jacquin and five VPs responsible for Finance, Strategy and Sustainability, Research and Innovation, Human Resources and China Business.

“I feel so exciting to embark on this new wonderful journey with all Adisseo colleagues. The “2-pillar” strategy will remain unchanged with strategic investments to be pursued, and its international DNA be sustained. The resources will be allocated globally to ensure its well-balanced industrial footprint. Adisseo will continue to consolidate its leading position in the market and keep investing in innovation, in people, in CAPEX, in digitalization as well as in external growth opportunities.” said Hao Zhigang.

Reporting to the CEO, Frédéric Jacquin is directly managing global operations and leads the Executive Committee according to the delegation from the CEO. Starting from 1st July 2023, Frédéric will also replace Jean-Marc Dublanc as president of Adisseo France SAS.

This succession, well anticipated and prepared, ensures a smooth transition to maintain and strengthen Adisseo's strategy and organization.

After stepping down from his position as CEO of Adisseo, Jean-Marc Dublanc becomes a non-Executive Board Member of Bluestar Adisseo Company. In this role, he will support Adisseo's management and strategy, and will act as strategic advisor to the Adisseo Group.

Under the leadership of a new generation of the international team, Adisseo will draw on the wisdom and strengths of China and the West, as well as its own global advantages, to face new opportunities and challenges, usher in a new starting point for global development strategy, and achieve sustainable growth.

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