Adisseo and Beijing University of Chemical Technology Cooperate to Establish a Joint R&D Center for Nutritional Chemicals


To strengthen Adisseo's technological layout in the field of biotechnology and bio-based animal nutrition products, and continue to deepen the strategic cooperation between Sinochem Holdings and Beijing University of Chemical Technology at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, on June 16, Adisseo signed a contract with Beijing University of Chemical Technology to jointly build a Joint R&D Center for nutritional chemicals. The signing ceremony was attended by Tan Tianwei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Wang Feng, Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Jin Gong, Deputy Director of Technology Innovation Department of Sinochem Holdings, Chen Ruifeng, Vice President of Bluestar, and Jean-Francois Rous, Executive Vice President of Global R&D of Adisseo.

As a leading bioengineering academic highland in China, the College of Life Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has established a complete biological manufacturing system, from computational simulation, directed evolution, and high-throughput screening to process improvement and engineering amplification.

Adisseo, as the leading animal nutrition company in the life science business segment of Sinochem Holdings, is a global leader in methionine, vitamins, and special additives. In terms of technological innovation, Adisseo has laid out eight R&D centers worldwide and is now actively increasing its investment in R&D innovation in China, making continuous efforts in various aspects such as the development of new bio-based specialties, biocatalytic upgrading of traditional processes and scaling up of biological processes.

In the field of bioengineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Adisseo have good synergy and complementarity in technology innovation and product development, focusing on innovative directions such as new bio-based product development, low-carbon biological process development and process enhancement, and animal nutrition and health. Moreover, relying on the leading scientific research base of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Adisseo's global technical resources, the two sides will explore more forward-looking and cutting-edge technologies, to develop new animal nutrition solutions for "building an all-encompassing approach to food and the diversified food supply system". In addition, to continuously train international scientific and innovative talent for enterprises and industries, the two sides will conduct more exchanges in talent exchanges and training, and apply more diverse models of university-enterprise and cross-border cooperation. 

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