Tough TM starts a red membrane era

Source: China Bluestar
Recently, at the Water Expo & International Membrane and Water Treatment Expo 2011 held at China National Convention Center, Toray Bluestar Membrane Co., Ltd. launched a new-generation durable reverse osmose membrane – Tough TM. This is its official debut, which attracted much attention from the industry.

In terms of performance, Tough TM membrane contains several breakthroughs: the desalinization ratio and water production rate reach the leading standard of the industry and the chemical durability has been enormously improved, which can meet the requirements of the customers’ frequent cleaning. The membrane maintains a higher recovery capability under the condition of organic and biological contamination. By enduring micro-scale residual chlorine, it creates an easier-to-operate environment for the users in integrated membrane system.

In terms of appearance, Tough TM membrane applies a creative package to ensure that the membrane elements maintain the best performance index after long-time storage. Moreover, due to the application of special membrane production technique with nano technology, it seems reddish on the end surface of Tough TM membrane element.

Integrating the world’s most advanced membrane production technology, Tough TM membrane, based on its outstanding and stable performance, will definitely lead the water treatment into a new era of red membrane.
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