Bluestar holds excellent marketing and sales training

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

To develop the knowledge and skills of its marketing team and raise management efficiency and operation performance, Bluestar decided to hold a marketing and sales training activity across its system to improve its performance. The training is divided into two classes based on business type. Each class has two training sessions. The first session was recently held in Jinan by the world’s famous advisory body McKinsey & Co. 

The training covered management of customers, pricing, key accounts and strategic marketing. The training applied case analysis and panel discussions to encourage everybody to speak their mind based on the real conditions of the company. At the same time, the training also displayed the marketing strategies of various companies. After the training was finished, all companies will start carrying out marketing improvement work based on the training and strengthen the application of process management. 

The training was co-sponsored by Jinan Yuxing. More than 60 people, including all Bluestar general managers, sales deputy general managers, heads of sales and marketing departments, and sales personnel attended the training.

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