Xinghuo Plant’s expert wins Lushan Friendship Award

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Recently, Jiangxi Xinghuo Plant’s foreign expert and safety supervisor Edward won the Lushan Friendship Award from the Jiangxi government for his contributions to economic and social development, friendly exchange between people in Jiangxi and other countries, and Jiangxi’s image. Lushan Friendship Award is an honor extended each year by the Jiangxi provincial government to foreign experts for their outstanding contributions to the province. Other award-winning foreign experts hail from the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, India and the ROK. Edward has brought advanced safety and environment protection ideas and management methods to Xinghuo, which has helped increase employee awareness of safety and environment protection. His work has also played an important role in ensuring smooth operation of product units and project construction. 

At the awards ceremony, Edward spoke on behalf of 14 other winners. He thanked the Jiangxi government for the award. He said it was an honor to work at Xinghuo, and to be part of the ongoing 200,000-ton organic silicon expansion project. He was confident that Xinghuo will become a world-class organic silicon production facility and a leading environmentally-friendly company. Edward said that he had fallen in love with Jiangxi, and gave his sincere wishes to the province and Xinghuo’s bright future.

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