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Shandong Dongda helps rural areas solve problems 

On Oct 14, Liu Yi, president of Shandong Dongda; Sun Weimin, deputy secretary of the company’s discipline inspection commission; and Chen Weigong, a poverty alleviation official, came to a village in Gaoqing county to help communication and coordination efforts for motor-pumped wells for local gardens.

The company actively gave guidance on the village’s economic development. It also helped plan network informationization at the village committee and construction of gardens to help local villagers solve problems. It has strived to live up to its social responsibilities.

The village sits on the south bank, three kilometers northwest of Gaoqing. It is home to 500 people in 124 households. Its cultivated land covers an area of 997 mu (66.5 hectares). Local villages rely on tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, hot peppers, celery, grapes and muskmelons. A vegetable wholesale market was set up in 1995. In 2011, a professional vegetable cooperative was founded to sell organic vegetables branded as “Tianheng Manor.” In 2012, an ecological garden was built. At the beginning of the year, Shandong Dongda discovered that the village hadn’t fully tapped the potential of its branded vegetables. Most of its production was scattered and household-based, field research showed. In addition, low science application and network informatization had dampened village development. So, the company started to talk with village leadership and found out the needs of the village. It took advantage of the local brand to carry out unified sales and help famers sell vegetables. The village committee planned to build 100-mu high-temperature greenhouses to develop brand vegetable and fruit plantations and sightseeing gardens. It funded the construction of three wells to solve water supply problems for the gardens.

The settlement of three wells at the plantation gardens brought new hope to local villagers. At the moment, lush vegetables can be found at the 11 new greenhouses, thanks to the water supply from the wells. Village secretary Qi gave a tour of the green vegetables, while introducing the construction of the greenhouses. Ever since well construction kicked off, villagers have been able to find money to build greenhouses for vegetable plantation gardens. 

At the moment, the 11 greenhouses are home to celery and crown daisies, with areas ranging from 3-4 mu. Annual income was approximately 60,000-70,000 yuan ($9,849- 11,491). 

One villager said that if it weren’t for the wells, there wouldn’t be many greenhouses, not to mention a plentiful harvest. This is all thanks to Shandong Dongda’s support.

At present, the company is actively carrying out its poverty relief projects to bring benefits to employees and society.

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