Lehigh wins bid for major environmental research project

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Ecological environment monitoring, survey and assessment of the Danjiangkou Reservoir area officially began in Wuhan city, Hubei province, recently.

Bluestar Lehigh Engineering and Institute of Hydroecology, MWR & CAS both won the bid. As a major national scientific research program, the project consists of three research subjects. It will put forward countermeasures to avoid and eliminate environmental and ecological risk. It will also adhere with the requirements of upstream water pollution prevention and control, water ecological protection and potential pollution treatment. The program will focus on technology for heavy metal treatment, aquatic organism control, and fisheries resources proliferation. It will establish a matching policy, regulations and a management system to provide a guarantee for ecological environment security, providing technical support to relevant departments. 

Lehigh will undertake some of the heavy metal pollution source survey and treatment research, representing a step for Lehigh to make inroads into the heavy metal treatment market. At the same time, it will give Lehigh more exposure in the environment protection field.

The project inauguration meeting laid out the implementation plan. Research work has officially begun.

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