Jinan Yuxing gets national Six Sigma award

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Recently, at the National Quality and Technology Awards Meeting, Jinan Yuxing’s titanium unit consumption reduction in the major unit B-line, titanium ore and slag consumption reduction of 100,000-ton titanium dioxide unit, A-line hydrolysis rate growth, and unit power consumption reduction of rutile titanium dioxide won the excellent Six Sigma Project award for 2012. The result was unveiled after experts reviewed 444 projects. The award recognizes Jinan Yuxing’s technical innovation by the China Association for Quality.

Since the company started to promote Lean Six Sigma management in February 2009, it has carried out more than 70 Six Sigma projects. They include the rutile titanium dioxide unit power consumption project, which has generated an annual income of 3.58 million yuan ($584,550). Power consumption per unit of product also dropped from 894.8kWh/t to 835kWh/t. Another project is the total titanium consumption reduction at main device B-line black area, which has helped collect a gross income of 1.03 million yuan. Total titanium consumption dropped from 2.28 tons per ton of titaniferous solution to 2.26.

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