Zhonglan Yima gets high-tech company certification

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Zhonglan Yima received a high-tech company award from the Henan High-Tech Enterprise Management Team, on June 26, thanks in part for its having acquired its own intellectual property rights through R&D and technical achievements in recent years.

Its “liquid-phase oxidation-process chromate cleaning process and integration technology" is a global leader with its high resource utilization rate and low energy consumption and less chromium waste. The company’s products cover chrome oxide green, potassium chromate and desulfurizer And it had the nation’s first clean production project and won second place at a national technological invention contest in 2005, with what was called a technological revolution in the chromate industry. It also got financial support from the National Development and Reform Commission in 2006 for its chromium slag treatment. It did a technological upgrade of its achievements conversion device in 2008 and had it in production in 2009. The project also passed an environmental protection check. To push industrialization of its technology and improve China’s chromate industry, the company has taken on the Science and Technology Ministry’s "863” program and its technology was part of a high-tech project for the 12th Five-year Plan, with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology support. The company will complete the 30,000-t/yr clean chromate production project by 2015 and improve clean production technology for the industry.

The high-tech enterprise certificate shows the Henan governments recognition of Zhonglan Yima’s technological strengths and means policy support for its R&D. It will also enhance the company’s innovation ability and promote its long-term development, boosting innovation and profitability.

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