Jinan Yuxing volunteer activities

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

In March, the Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co got its youthful volunteers to take part in “Learning from Lei Feng” activities, to think about making a contribution. For a long time, the company has held these activities as a part of its corporate culture, and arranges volunteer activities each year. The Lei Feng campaign was sponsored by Shandong province and the city of Jinan and had its opening ceremony on March 3, to arrange for the volunteers to provide certain services, distribute brochures, and hand out questionnaires. Then, on March 11, the company put together a tree-planting activity, where at least 50 young volunteers planted several dozen trees. They also paid a visit to an employee who is having some financial difficulties, Wang Xianping, to provide some services and deliver some daily necessities. Back in April of 2010, just five days after the Yushu earthquake hit Qinghai, Youth League members and company volunteers donated some 5,000 yuan and relief goods. The company’s Youth League has also sponsored some essay-writing contests and has made volunteer service a regular activity.

The volunteer campaign of Shandong and Jinan is expected to run for three years and will be more widely promoted in 2014.

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