Shandong Dongda listens to customer complaints

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

The Shandong Dongda Chemical Industry Co held a meeting for all its departments including management, sales, and production, to ask them to look into the customer complaints received in 2012. The idea was to improve product quality, management, and after-sale services. The company has been keeping a closer eye on customer complaints and answering their demands. They believe it is an absolute necessity if a company wants to grow bigger and stronger. With its improved management system and work procedures, the company was able to take a closer look at each and every complaint, deal with the problems, and come up with a plan to prevent future problems. It has also added complaint handling to its responsibility system to get a greater market share. In 2012 complaints were reduced by 54-percent. 

Liu Yi, the managing director of Shandong Dongda, told everyone at the meeting that management needed to be improved and that problems needed to be identified and fixed. The management department also described the company’s overall situation in dealing with customer complaints last year, they explained the management problems and offered possible solutions. The production, sales, and R&D departments also described ways to improve product quality, better connect with customers, and make products more popular.

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