Industry cleaning qualifications required to bid for Sinopec projects

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

According to the secretary-general of the China Construction Industry Association’s petrochemical branch, certification in industrial cleaning could help the petrochemical industry.

Sun Xiaobo, the secretary-general of the petrochemical branch and assistant to the GM of the Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co explained that it could help regulate the construction, maintenance, and cleaning in the industry. He added that it could be a significant improvement for the safety and quality in industrial cleaning and in petrochemical devices and facilities’ operations.

The Industrial Cleaning Association of China agrees with this and has played a positive role in industrial self-discipline and promoting healthy, orderly development in the sector since its establishment a little over a year ago. The association pushes the qualification and certification process and has won widely spread recognition.

Sinopec Engineering and the petrochemical branch say they will work together to apply the qualification and certification to industrial cleaning for any bids on Sinopec projects, with all contractors and bidders on cleaning projects expected to have cleaning certification.

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