More than just a questionnaire

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Did you increase your use of fireworks to celebrate Spring Festival this year? Decrease it? Keep it the same? Those were the types of questions on a survey that employees of the Bluestar Adisseo Nanjing Co were given when they returned to work on Feb 16, the first day after the holiday break. And nobody hesitated to answer them. 

The survey results, which were delivered via email, at 1:30 pm, showed that 27 percent of the respondents used roughly the same amount of fireworks this year, as last, while 7 percent increased the amount, and 66 percent used fewer.

“What this shows is that all of us have contributed to curbing air pollution,” was the emailed comment of Li Meng, a security engineer in the HSE department who was in charge of the survey. Li went on to say, “As the situation gets more severe, our country is urging factories to be more environmentally friendly. And I’m proud to say that ChemChina leaders, during a Spring Festival inspection, gave us credit for what we’ve done to protect the environment.” 

There’s a gentle spring breeze in the air, as if to acknowledge the attention the company has paid to employees’ environmental awareness, with just a simple questionnaire.

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