Xinghuo Plant holds“Learn from Luo Yang” activity

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

The Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant received a request from the China National BlueStar (Group) Co’s Party committee, asking managers, leaders, and Party members to learn from Luo Yang and analyze the problems encountered at the plant, especially regarding production and operations, and set a good example for all employees.

In response, the plant started by combining its “Learn from Luo Yang” activities with the program to follow the spirit of the 18th National Party Congress and asked all employees, especially Party members, to understand it and contribute to the plant’s efforts to put an end to its losses and increase profits; then, the plan combined the activity with production and operation tasks and asked employees to help solve problems related to continued operations, improve its innovative ability, and promote sustained, healthy development of the plant. Finally, the plant combined the activity with its excellence campaign, organizing a variety of activities and providing examples to create a favorable environment for the campaign, and promote company development.

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