China National Bluestar holds ERP training course

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Zhang urged trainees to cherish their training opportunities to understand management concepts and ideas of SAP-ERP, to learn more about relevant knowledge that would apply to their daily work routines, and to promote the implementation and application optimization of ERP.China National Bluestar (Group) Co Ltd recently held the first session of the ERP management knowledge training series in Beijing. About 70 young employees from China National Bluestar and Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co Ltd attended.

ERP experts from China National Bluestar explained standard methods of management from the perspective of supply chain integration and management accounting. The training course focused on SAP supply chain management solutions to help trainees understand standard procedures for cost accounting, budget, sales forecasting, operations planning, executions and delivery. The training, emphasized the current ERP situation at Bluestar to utilize the information system to support production and operations.

Zhang Lijun, executive deputy general manager of China National Bluestar, attended the session and gave a speech. He said implementation of SAP-ERP could upgrade the management level, profitability and core competitiveness of the company.

In recent years, China National Bluestar, through hiring professional managers, has introduced advanced management concepts and the global best practices. To apply advanced management concepts into the production and operations of the company, however it was mandatory to make use of information tools, to set up and improve the management system that best suits the development needs of Bluestar.


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