Zhang Haitao from BlueStar Yima donates stem cells

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

For Zhang Haitao, an employee of BlueStar Yima, November 14 would be a special day, in which he made a special difference for someone’s life.

He donated 205mm of his stem cells in the Henan Provincial People’s Hospital to save a 20-year-old leukemia patient in Beijing. He became the 3,125th volunteer in the country, donate stem cell, the 318 th person from Henan province, and the eighth from Sanmenxia city, as well as the third in Yima city, to donate stem cells.

Zhang, 37, is an employee with the Zhongjie branch factory of BlueStar Yima Chrome Chemical Materials Co Ltd. As early as 2004, he joined the Data Bank of Chinese Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors as a volunteer donor. In June, he received a call from the Henan branch data bank, informing him that his blood type matched genetically with a leukemia patient from Beijing.

Without hesitation, he donated his stem cells. After strict high-resolution HLA matching and a physical checkup, he was selected as the donor.

Leaders from the Sanmenxia Red Cross Society, Sanmenxia city and Yima city praised the stem cell donation by Zhang Haitao, and organized reception ceremonies for him before his trip to Zhengzhou to make the donation. The Red Cross Society arranged a person to accompany him during the donation process.

After Zhang returned to Yima, the management team of BlueStar Yima visited his home to express their appreciation.

Zhang said, “I don’t think my stem cell donation is anything special from other donors. I hope the patient will recover soon. It will be the most honorable thing to do in my life if I could help save other people’s lives.”


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