Beijing Bluestar develops composite-material carriage

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

The 8.6-meter-long self-discharging carriages made of composite materials appear to the world, which marked completion of phase-one truck lightweight projects undertaken by Beijing Bluestar. The debut realized localization of composite-material carriages.

In early 2010, the Beijing Bluestar Composite Materials R&D Group undertook research, development and designs for truck lightweight project. It aims to make breakthroughs over technical difficulties of composite materials such as inferior shock resistance, poor abrasion performance and low rigidity. This kind of materials is widely applied in dumpers for coal transportation by road, reducing 40 percent of weight compared with previous materials. It advanced transportation capability of trucks but reduced energy consumption and emission of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, it enhances driving safety and brought benefits in the economy, environmental protections and safety.

At the preliminary stage of R&D, the team cannot find any examples for references. It developed existing metal compartments and fulfilled structural designs and analytic tests of composite-materials carriages based on data modeling and finite-element analysis. After continuous research, tests and discussions, it worked out diversified process and technology schemes and found solutions to lightweight truck catering for domestic conditions of technical process.

Meanwhile, the R&D group explored support of external resources and technical strengths. They discussed designs and manufacturing of composite materials with Sinoma Science & Technology; they utilized Bluestar Engineering Center’s testing equipment to analyze the experimental data; they fought for support of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, achieving municipal special funds of 1.2 million yuan ($192,000); they collaborated with other enterprises to develop markets of composite materials, winning R&D funds of 5 million yuan from cooperative companies.

After over one-year effort, the R&D group has fulfilled construction of data modeling, structural design and stress analysis for composite materials, as well as structural designs, mapping and finite-element analysis in all complicated working conditions for the 8.6-meter-long dumper made of composite materials. It completed designs for integrated application of metal and composite materials; it introduced poly-dicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) to enhance performance of adhesive layers.

The project has applied 12 invention patents, including 9 utility patents. The first sample truck will be delivered to the client and will go through road and heavy-load tests, as well as accumulative stage of data tests.

Beijing Bluestar, Baotou Deyi and Sinoma Science & Technology have ascertained the more closely mode of funding cooperation, under the leadership of Jiuyuan District Government, Baotou city. Mass production of new materials production will develop an extensive market of downstream applications for industrial carbon fiber.

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