Zhonglan Yima sees big sales growth

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Zhonglan Yima has stepped up sales efforts this year and divided sales personnel into groups to visit customers to learn their opinions on products, with a mind to expanding terminal customers and fostering new economic growth. As of May 20, the company sold 2,077 tons of products and brought in 47.92 million yuan, up 42 percent and 30 percent year-on-year, respectively. It developed 21 new customers, including 19 terminal users, creating an extra 2.43 million yuan in sales revenue.

The company leadership led the sales teams to Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hubei to understand customer demands for products and strengthen regional market information collection. They also took business meetings and trade fairs to set up an information exchange and analysis platform, make comprehensive judgment of chromate market movements, closely follow market prices, continuously tap potential information, and make scientific market forecasts to help make business decisions and strive to achieve maximum benefits.

The company also arranged for relevant departments to set up sound customer files, conduct hierarchical management, improve products and services, and enhance the customer requirements database. At the same time, the company has further differentiated the market based on product quality and customer needs, increased sales to major customers, and strengthened the development of the high-end electroplate market. The company’s “Shengsheng” chromic anhydride has outstripped foreign brands and made its name in the market. 

The company has also strengthened e-business platform sales and after-sales services. It has made full use of the e-business platform to broaden sales channels while maintaining traditional sales networks, optimized market resources, and formulated different sales plans based on different customers. It has used the Internet to serve the traditional marketing network while using the traditional network to guarantee Internet sales. The company has also set up an after-sales service hotline to help customers solve various after-sales problems.

Zhonglan Yima has also adjusted the incentive policy and improved the incentive mechanism to coordinate marketing work. It set up standards and specific requirements for product sales, customer development and money collection. At the same time, the company increased efforts to fight fake products on the market and made new anti-counterfeit labels to better protect the brand’s reputation.

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