Shanghai Polyformaldehyde quality contest

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Shanghai Polyformaldehyde’s central lab has taken advantage of an equipment overhaul to hold a quality skills contest to improve analysts’ skills and get ready for new operations. There were 14 people taking part in the contest, which consisted of both theory and practice in safety, quality, and skills with GM and MI determination in the lab, as well as standard solution preparation at the chemical lab, 200-g/L potassium hydroxide solution preparation and sulfate radical determination at the chromatography lab, 200-g/L potassium hydroxide solution preparation, and formaldehyde content determination at the water quality lab. The contestants maintained their enthusiasm during the entire tent and displayed their skills and they learned from each other and improved themselves. This contest encouraged employees in their work and their enthusiasm and helped improve analyses and tests.

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