Harbin Petrochemical builds bridge for customer and bank

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

When some Harbin Petrochemical customers found themselves with a shortage of funds this year, which messed up their schedule and affected sales, the company swung into action by bridging the gap between customers and banks for a mutually beneficial situation. The Bank of Communications Xinxing branch, for example, which handled Harbin Petrochemical’s business and was very familiar with its operations, learned of the company’s problem, and immediately got in touch with the company’s finance and sales departments because it had confidence in the company, thanks to its low debt level. So, the bank provided financing and loan services for the customers and, in the end, Harbin Petrochemical chose five long-term customers and they are now being watched by the bank, which has promised a credit extension as soon as possible.

Customers have had a lot of good things to say about the move, with word of it quickly spreading around the industry and people saying that their cooperation with the company gave them 24-hour one-stop service and they felt they were loved and cared for and that they would give the company continued support in the future.

Harbin Petrochemical has been able to improve its customer services through its good reputation and its relations with customers, meaning a good future for sales.

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