Bluestar Machinery’s Pakistan project finishes design review

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Some IM caustic soda equipment that Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery exported to the ICL Co in Pakistan passed a review involving both the Chinese and the Pakistanis recently, marking another key Bluestar move in making inroads into the South Asia market. The contract project calls for Bluestar not just to provide the necessary electrolysis equipment but to take charge of the entire project design, thanks partly to Bluestar’s innovations in cutting-edge ionic exchange membrane cell technology and its turnkey advantages for customers. This overseas project is a strategic move in its continued development.

ICL is in civil construction projects and will get Bluestar’s suggestions on pipeline and electric instrument installation over the next few months, as Bluestar shifts its focus to resin tower modules and trough pipe installations as well as the follow-up services. Both sides did a comprehensive review of the project design and discussed electrolytic cell pressure and pressure controls and studied the piping diagram, drawings and materials list, and came up with some modifications and confirmed the instrumentation and purchase agreement, and problems in electric rectifying installation and the DCS system.

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