Guangxi branch sets up service center

Source: BlueStar News
The service center for a "hundred, ten and one billion project" of Guangxi Baise People’s Procuratorate was established on July 5, which signifies the beginning of the procuratorial organ’s four-year service.

Guangxi branch invites Baise People’s Procuratorate to co-supervise project construction. Procuratorial organs are carrying out services for "hundred, ten and one billion project", so Baise People’s Procuratorate brings a corporate invitation into its service. After discussions, two parties have drawn up a proposal for setting up a service center for ‘hundred, ten and one billion project’ to maintain a permanent service mechanism.

The proposal lists four service contents: strengthen criminal investigations and maintain companys normal operations; enhance lawsuit supervision and protect company’s legitimate interests; third, enforce punishments for duty crimes and optimize the company’s environment; boost the relationship between procuratorial organs and enterprises and upgrade the company’s overall quality.

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