China Bluestar Chenguang launches safety month

Source: China Bluestar
The China Bluestar Chenguang Research Institute combined its annual Chenguang Safety Day with safety month and organized fire emergency drills in the Chengdu home office on the morning of June 1.

As the fire alarm rang at 9:30 am, the fire control center came to an immediate response, reported to the 119 Command Center, and broadcasted a message to lead all staff to evacuate immediately. The head of each unit organized evacuations. People participated in drills evacuated through emergency stairs and exit passageways.

The drill was guided by the Chengdu fire control detachment and involved 151 people. The drill achieved its expected effects. The senior staff officer of the Chengdu fire control detachment and leaders of Yulin street guided the drills and provided feedback. .

The drill promoted safety month. The institute also organized drills on hazardous chemicals in Xinjin base, safety training on key positions and family safety activities.

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