Chemical newspaper publishes its 200th issue

Source: China Bluestar
The chemical newspaper Wax has published 200 issues to describe the developments of Shenyang Wax Chemical Corporation in the last 15 years.

The Wax, formerly Wax Chemical Bulletin, was first issued on March 31, 1997, on B4 paper with single-sided texts. Due to a lack of funds for a crude oil processing capacity, the corporation had faced struggles over crude oil shortages at the beginning.

The bulletin was revived and renamed, Wax Chemical Newspaper on Jan 1, 2003, with four layouts presenting readers with photos and reports. While employees were excited about the birth of a new publication, the corporation suffered from a small production scale and weak processing capacity during nationwide reforms of small oil refineries.

Shenyang Wax Chemical Corporation gained a foothold since the Shenyang Chemical Industry joined as a member of the China National BlueStar Group on April 11, 2004. Accordingly, Wax enjoyed a new beginning.

Wax has become an influential media outlet in recent years. The newspaper promotes its corporate philosophy to employees as a bridge, and window for better relations between management and staff. It reports on corporate economic developments in a timely manner, while displaying a good image to society.

It places to communicate and share. It records corporate development in a classic description. Wax has cultivated excellent reporters who played decisive roles to promote the company in the last ten years.

The 200 issue marks yet another beginning for the Wax Chemical Newspaper.

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