Passing on love—The story of Tianjin BlueStar youth volunteer Jia Xing

Source: China Bluestar
A secret that had been hidden for three years was recently broadcast by Wing-Broken Angel Ming Ming on Tianjin TV. Volunteer Jia Xing, from Tianjin BlueStar, has been with the Tianjin Volunteer Association for three years and has established a long-term relationship with the SOS Kids’ Village and the Orphanages and Disabled Kids Relief Center.”

Recently, the journalist and Jia Xing attended a special activity – helping a paralyzed woman named Li Yuan to go out. Li has been paralyzed since she was one year old. She is 32 years old now and every day she needs help with her daily life. Her mother’s leg was broken recently and now needs a nanny to help she and her daughter. At Li’s request, Jia Xing drove a car to take her out and strolled around Taobao street, buying her Korean food. Li was excited. Li weighs 75 kilograms, which means it takes a couple of people to get her into the back seat of a car. On the way, Li indulged in the scenery flashing behind the window, while a couple of other people were trying to push the wheel chair. Half a day passed and Li had bought some clothes, making her feel excited. After sending Li home, Jia and another volunteer were all tired and their bodies ached. While seeing Li’s smiling face made them feel happy, they were relieved to be done and their labor had paid off. Upon farewell, Jia sent an invitation to the journalist, which read: “Join us, please, remember we are the Tianjin Volunteer Association”.
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