Jinan Yuxing’s 10-measurement standard passes checks

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Recently, Jinan Yuxing’s 10-measurement standard passed checks by the Jinan quality and technology supervision bureau. With the approval, the company is now allowed to test measuring instruments on its own.

As a producer of white titanium, the company has a variety of measuring instruments. After the new plant was built, the company invested nearly 300,000 yuan ($49,003) to renovate its calibration equipment for thermocouple, thermal resistance and pressure gage. To facilitate production, the company needed to set up standards to carry out self-checks. Therefore, it came up with 12 measuring standards, accredited a department to mandate pressure gage checks, and applied for 10-measurement standards assessment.

The quality and technology supervision bureau and a few experts in the field of gauge work launched checks on the ten standards. The bureau approved the company review.

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