Shenyang Chemical wins national excellent patent award

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.
Recently, Shenyang Chemical’s paste resin and paste resin preparation methods won an excellence award at the 15th China Patent Awards Ceremony, the most prestigious patent award in China.

Research and development for the vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer paste resin began in 1994. The production technology was subsequently monopolized by Germany and Japan. After eight years of hard work, technical personnel at Shenyang Chemical have finally successfully developed competitive products. The patented technology includes preparations of the resin through micro-suspension and emulsion polymerization methods. Product quality is on a par with overseas brands, and the product now makes up 60 percent of the domestic market. It has reaped great profits for the company over the past three years. Prior to that, the overall paste resin industry faced a period of stagnation.

The company has continued to improve its technical process since it introduced the paste resin technology from Kaneka Corp in 1983. Its annual production capacity has reached 130,000 tons, ranking second in Asia and fifth around the world. At the same time, the product was named a “Chinese Famous Brand” and a “National Satisfactory Product.”

Shenyang Chemical has relied on scientific innovation to power its development and has successfully developed five other paste resins. It applied for eight patents for utility models. The company’s annual output of PVC paste resin for gloves has reached 40,000 tons, filling a domestic void and breaking the monopoly of overseas companies. It has made a significant contribution to the development of China’s PVC disposable gloves.

The company has paid special attention to R&D, establishing its own polymerizer testing unit, pilot test base and automatic development center, which can conduct high-temperature and high-pressure synthesis, as well as separation, desiccation, rectification and refrigeration. Such resources can also adapt R&D results into industrial production.

Continuous technological innovation has laid a solid foundation for raising PVC paste resin patented technology. At present, the company has 23 approved patents for inventions and utility models, including those that won the first Science and Technology Progress award in Shenyang, the China Chemical Patent award, and the second Scientific and Technological Progress award in Liaoning province. Some products are also used by upscale clients.
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