Harbin Petrochemical prolongs filter service life through technical renovation

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

The entrance filter of Harbin Petrochemical’s oxidation air blower needs to be replaced every six months. The cost of the replacement is not insignificant. The company asked relevant departments to carry out technical renovations, discovering that the lack of primary filtering cloth exposed the filter to air and greatly reduced the service life of the filter. Second, when the blower is up and running, rain or snow will touch the filter, not only eroding the filter but also increasing differential pressure, posing a great hazard to safety. In addition, one of the filter’s four entrances is near a wall, with very limited peripheral space, making it difficult to change the filter.

The company utilized the overhaul time to conduct technical renovations on the entrance filter of the oxidation air blower. First, it transformed the open environment around the filter into a house-like structure, putting up a rain-proof shed. Second, it added a primary filtering cloth before the first and secondary filters, and increased the number of filters from four to six. A valve was also added inside the filter’s entrance. The valve can greatly reduce differential pressure by being opened when changing the filter.

Through renovation, the service life of the filter at the entrance of the oxidation air blower increased to 18 months from six months, providing more security for operations and, more importantly, bringing down the production costs.

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