Bluestar Tianjin New Material BWCM begins

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

On July 23, Bluestar Tianjin New Material held an inauguration meeting for its Bluestar World-Class Manufacturing (BWCM), with the company’s leadership and department heads as well as the BWCM team attending.

At the meeting, Liu Suqi, director of the company’s Excellence Center, made an introduction of the work arrangement. He said that a short training session will be held for the team, and an implementation plan will be formulated based on the company’s own conditions. BWCM has many links that cover supply design process, procurement, product sales, safety, health and environment. It also includes equipment processing capacity optimization and operation improvement in order to raise the operation management ability. The project will also use the best possible management tools and information technology to establish a highly effective operation management system. The meeting asked everyone to have an open mind, accept the world’s advanced management ideas, and maximize value by optimizing the structure of the existing process. It also called for the integration of SHE and continuous improvement. It asked BWCM to promote enterprise development and stir up enthusiasm and creativity to lay a foundation for the company’s development. 

At the meeting, the company put forward the work requirements for BWCM project, and urged all parties to combine the project with daily work.

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