Bluestar Guangxi New Chemical Materials’ Party construction innovation

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Bluestar Guangxi New Chemical Materials set up a retiree management office and has arranged many themed activities to standardize its Party management and endear itself to retired Party members.

Considering the retirees live in various places and some seniors are sick and have difficulty moving around, the company divided their living areas into six parts, each with a dedicated Party team to help them with basic needs and communication.

The company has also improved mechanisms for conference, study and other activities. It has held a Party branch committee enlarged meeting every month, a Party team meeting every quarter, and a Party member conference every half-year to strengthen exchange and studies in the Party. The company leadership has held a monthly session with retirees to learn their mindset as well as hear their advice on company development.

The retiree’s office made a commonly-used phone number list that contains burglary, fire and medical help information, sending copies to all retirees. It has also kept profiles of all retirees to help those in need and provide better service. In addition, an annual competition was held to encourage Party members to provide quality service and find and correct problems at work.

The office has carried out easy and interesting learning exchanges and major holiday celebrations, such as a fishing competition, gala shows, and painting and calligraphy exhibitions, which greatly improve the Party’s appeal and cohesion.

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