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Bluestar opening day for media

On July 29, Bluestar invited dozens of Beijing-based mainstream media to the 24th Bluestar international summer camp to expand the social impact of the event and lift its corporate image. The reporters were asked to join the campers in several camp activities.

Gao Jianjun, the company Party secretary, made an introduction of the camp’s 20 years of development to reporters, who were moved after learning the company spent more than 70 million yuan ($11.4 million) over the past 24 years organizing the 20-day summer camp for nearly 1,000 children across more than 20 cities nationwide. The camp has sustaining financial support and a professional staff. The reporters said that it is the most professional summer camp held by a company.

Many journalists have been paying special attention to the Bluestar summer camp and came to visit more than once. They were drawn by the theme of the summer camp activities featuring “conservation and environmental protection”. Children from different countries were eager to express their understanding of environmental protection. They made various environmental protection works out of old newspapers and water bottles. They have taken action to demonstrate the concept of environmental protection. 

How is it possible for the 112 children from China, France, Australia, Spain and Norway to communicate with each other? How can they overcome language barriers and cultural differences? These were questions the reporters were very interested in. The Chinese children told reporters that they went out of their way to use body language, facial expressions, limited vocabulary, or even props to exchange ideas with foreign children. Sometimes jokes occurred during their exchange. Yu Mengyi, a camper from Jiangxi province, wanted to ask a foreign camper, “Have you finished your meal?” when she saw the foreigner’s plate was empty. But she ended up saying, “You have to finish your meal”. The misunderstanding was resolved with the help of a translator.

A naughty and cute French child told reporters that he is interested in Chinese cuisine, and especially Chinese homemade food. Eight campers from Australia performed a Chinese rap and greeted reporters in standard Chinese. Philip is a shy boy from Brazil. Although it was his first time away from home, he didn’t feel lonely. Instead, he made a number of Chinese friends in the summer camp. Su Manfei from Gulang county happily told reporters that two days ago, the camp held a collective birthday party for her and seven other campers. Everyone sang happy birthday and sent birthday wishes and gifts, creating a very memorable birthday party. It made them feel the warmth of the big Bluestar family.

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