Bluestar international photo contest

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Bluestar’s international photo contest came to a happy conclusion, recently, after three months of hard work, with the judges, who were experienced Xinhua photographers, picking two first place winners, 10 second place, 25 third, and 43 consolation prize winners. The top prizes went to Harbin Petrochemical’s Zhao Tian, for Snowy Village, and works by the Changsha Institute’s Yang Xinchun.

Employees in China and abroad responded well to the event with a total of 2,358 works, 22 of which were award winners from abroad, out of 472 submitted. This cultural activity follows the Bluestar international children’s drawing contest, of 2009, and has the aim of increasing cultural integration and exchanges between employees in China and abroad. The organizer had a contest poster specially designed in Chinese, English and French so it could reach across the global operations, with the idea of drawing in the largest number of employees. There was also an online site set up to make it easy for employees to submit their personal information and work.

The contest revealed the skill of many photographers, and their works reflected the employees’ love of life, nature, and the company from unique perspectives. The judges all approved of the works, and some of them have been chosen to put in Bluestar’s official photo database or for representing Bluestar’s 30-year history.

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