Silicones in the Confluences Museum

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

During 60 years experiences in the business, we had the opportunities to contribute to many famous architectural projects around the world, such as Museum of Louvre in Paris.

Our latest challenge took place in the city where are located our headquarters. Lyon has invested 267 million euros in the launch of Confluences Museum project, a gigantic structure of metal and glass, located at the confluence of the Rh?ne and Saone rivers.

The original conception of the Confluences Museum was designed by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, was first of all a real architectural challenge.

Designed around a metal structure, this 22000m? building is fully covered by glass. Such structural glazing architectures implies very specific requirements. They need flexible joints to bond the construction materials, while accommodating the thermal dilatation of these materials, allowing an efficient and durable protection against temperature, humidity, wind and other environmental conditions.

By providing our partners BLUESIL SLT VEC 99, our innovative sealant for structural glazing applications, we have contributed with the involved team in this construction challenge.


BLUESIL VEC 99 is a two-component silicone elastomer with a high modulus of elasticity. After homogeneously mixing of the part A and part B, the paste-like product transforms quickly at room temperature into an elastic material with outstanding mechanical and adhesion properties.?

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