SASAC supervisor studies Bluestar operations in Gansu

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

A SASAC delegation, headed by Gao Fengtao, the supervisory board director, paid a visit recently to Bluestar’s Lanzhou subsidiaries, Lanzhou Cleaning, Lanzhou Chemical, Lanzhou Fiber, and the Tianshui Plant 7425, to get a close look at operations and get frontline workers’ views on State-owned company development. Gao praised the achievements of the subsidiaries and said they’ve handled many production and operation jobs under the increasingly difficult and complex market competitions and have obtained some valuable experience in energy conservation, environmental protection, competitiveness, sales channel expansion, and entrepreneurial development.

At Plant 7425, Gao listened to an analysis of the production and operations process, and company development and transformation, and described it as a “second entrepreneurial experience”, praising their work at the Tianhua Institute, Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery, and charcoal equipment and traditional auto maintenance businesses. He went on to encourage all the companies look for the best ways to deal with difficulties and at Lanzhou Cleaning and Lanzhou Chemical urged workers to identify development problems, look for causes, and come up with a response.

Gao asked them to put production and operation priorities in the proper order and stabilize growth, cut costs, and make best use of resource allocation to meet the strategic goals of SASAC and ChemChina. His second request was for a long-term management mechanism, and faster State-owned enterprise restructuring through modern enterprise management A third request was for developing a mixed ownership economy, cross-shareholdings, mutual financing and multiple investments, and being responsible for staff and managers. A fourth request was for the companies to focus on safety and environmental protection, social responsibility, and putting an end to major safety and environmental accidents. And, finally, Gao asked them to clean up their leadership, and improve project investment and the bidding process through education.

Gao announced that he was very happy to have the chance to visit the subsidiaries during ChemChina’s 10th anniversary and Bluestar’s 30th and encouraged all employees to carry on Bluestar’s entrepreneurial spirit and achieve new things.

Present during the visit were Ren Jianming, vice-GM of ChemChina, Bai Xinping, safety director of ChemChina, and Gao Jianjun, Bluestar Party secretary.

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