Silicone Elastomers World Summit 2016

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Join Over 100 Silicone Elastomer Experts, Silicone Elastomers World Summit 2016 will be held from 30 November to 1 December 2016 in Cologne, Germany.

Bluestar Silicones is sponsoring the Silicone Elastomers World Summit! Much more than a key player in the Silicone industry, Bluestar Silicones want to bring agile innovations developed by a team of professionals.

The Silicone Elastomers World Summit will bring together manufacturers, processors, end-users, designers and researchers for a summit-style technical discussion of silicone elastomer materials, global markets, processing advancements and novel applications.

Industrial and academic research staff and the customer users of silicone elastomers will explore the emerging applications, manufacturing techniques, processing improvements and testing advances that are moving this growing industry forward.

The Silicone Elastomers World Summit will cover the use of silicone elastomers in a wide range of industries– including applications in medical, automotive and industries yet to be fully exploited.  The programme will also touch on the whole range of silicone elastomer materials, including high temperature vulcanised (HTV), room temperature vulcanised (RTV), high consistency silicone rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

This year, Caroline, as a part of this team, will introduce you to a “Comprehensive approach of the viscoelastic behavior of Silicones for Medical Applications”.

Driven by passion about our industry, come & meet us to discuss about all these topics : Heat Cure Rubber, Fire Resistance, Liquid Silicone Injection, 3D printing, Silicone Gel for Skin Adhesion, Compounding & additives…

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