Bluestar Yima lowers costs by cutting production at peak time

Source: China Bluestar
The Bluestar Yima Chrome Chemical Materials Co Ltd has taken measures to reduce production at peak time and increase output during off-peak time, and reduce energy consumption to lower production costs, in response to Yima city, Henan provinces decision on the differentiated power pricing system.

The company checked its high-power electrical equipment, worked out power conservation measures in line with production needs and implemented its production gradually. It seeks to shift its operations of high-power electrical equipment to mid-night, when power prices are at their lowest, or afternoons and the period after mid-night, when power price is in the middle of the highest and the lowest to avoid rush hours of power consumption. With normal production ensured, power use and energy consumption had been reduced. They grind ores at mid-night, open heat pumps through separated periods avoiding peak hours and carry out water treatment, towerless water pumping and other work with high power consumption during the midnight shift.

Power conservation measures have shown their positive effects. Statistics show that, at the same time to ensure normal production, power use during the 8:00 am and 4:00 pm work shifts has dropped to save more than RMB 800/day ($ 78.55) of power consumption costs.
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