GM Ren Jianxin visits BlueStar Silicon Materials

Source: China Bluestar
General manager Ren Jianxin visited BlueStar Silicon Materials Co Ltd. in the afternoon of April 21 amid a tight schedule in Lanzhou, Gansu province.

Ren emphasized the developments of BlueStar Silicon Materials and asked about technology improvements with expertss support from Elkem.

He said the enterprise had changed with Elkem’s support along with BlueStar Silicon Materials staff, but there is still much room for improvement. He asked staff to seize the opportunity to put production safety in the first place, pay attention to basic management, such as hygienic conditions and the plant landscape, improve employees’ welfare, give full play to Bluestar’s corporate culture and workers’ ownership, strengthen preventive maintenance, improve equipment reliability, optimize enterprise production and operations and be united as one to create a better future for BlueStar Silicon Materials.
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