NanTong XingChen Synthetic Material succeeds in launching its 35,000-t/yr multi-epoxy project

Source: China Bluestar
NanTong XingChen Synthetic Material Co Ltd started commissioning on the first production line of its 35,000-t/yr multi-epoxy project on April 28. Thanks to all parties, qualified epoxy resin E-39D product was produced on the same day.

The 35,000-t/yr multi-epoxy resin project uses technology developed by NanTong XingChen Synthetic Material Co Ltd. and learning the advanced technology for such devices at home and abroad. It has nine production lines and 13 reactors and can produce 35 varieties of products, which are selling well on the market. It is a high quality and high performance device with low materials and energy consumption and low “three industrial wastes” (waste water, waste gas, solid waste).

The project, starting in May 2011, with good design, fine management, and cooperation by project personnel, and efforts to overcome difficulties would involve commissioning successful operations. Emergency response drills had been carried out to guarantee safe commissioning, such as alarms, warnings, evacuations, leak stoppages, fire extinguishing and first aid procedures.

On the basis of stable operations of the first production line, the trial operation on the second production has also started. While improving the quality of the first two production lines, more production lines will be brought into operations gradually. The project has brought more growth for the company.
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