Guangxi Dahua was praised as "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region High-tech Enterprise"

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业
        Recently, Guangxi Dahua was awarded the title of "the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2017" by the National High-tech Enterprise Identification and Management Leading Group Office, and the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate.In recent years, Guangxi Dahua actively promotes innovation work, constantly improves innovation management system, successively promulgates "product R & D management system" "R & D personnel performance appraisal incentive system" and other systems, effectively inspires the enthusiasm,Implementation of a series of scientific research projects, in the past 3 years, 16 research and development projects;Signing the cooperation agreement with colleges and universities to speed up the research of technical projects and the transformation of achievements;We should do a good job in laboratory construction, increase investment in equipment funds, and comprehensively enhance the hardware environment and testing capability of the laboratory.
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