Guangzhou Institute Officially Recognized as Municipal-level Enterprise Technology Center

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

Recently, the list of the eighth batch of Guangzhou municipal-level enterprise technology centers was announced by the Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality in conjunction with the municipal Finance Bureau, State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, the Guangzhou Customs District, and the Whampoa Customs District. The Anti-aging Thermoplastic Technology Center of Guangzhou Institute is on the list.

As an important part of the technological innovation system of Guangzhou Institute, the Anti-aging Thermoplastic Technology Center serves to promote the progress in anti-aging technology for thermoplastic plastics by focusing on the R&D of thermoplastic aging-resistant materials, related equipment, anti-aging additives for thermoplastic plastics, and relevant standards for aging resistance of thermoplastic plastics. Adopting a centralized product development model, the center develops new products and technologies of anti-aging thermoplastic plastics while upgrading the old products. It is an important support for Guangzhou Institute’s efforts to reserve technology, strengthen the stamina of development, and create new economic growth points.        

This official recognition of the center will further improve the development level of anti-aging thermoplastics products of Guangzhou Institute, and better meet the development needs of the enterprise and the market.

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