Energy recovery plant decided at Elkem Salten

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业
Salten Energigjenvinning AS, a partnership between Elkem ASA and Kvitebj?rn Energi, have decided to build an energy recovery plant at Elkem Salten in Nordland, Norway. 28 per cent of the energy consumption of the plant is expected to be recovered.

- This is an attractive and important project for Elkem. Together with our partner, Kvitebj?rn Energi, we will continue to develop Elkem’s position within energy recovery and the project will strengthen our competitiveness, says CEO of Elkem, Helge Aasen.

The energy recovery plant, to be built in partnership between Elkem and Kvitebj?rn Energi, will have an estimated investment frame of up to NOK 1 billion.

The project will strengthen Elkems efforts to ensure environmentally friendly silicon production with the lowest possible emissions and with the lowest possible use of resources. The electricity to be recycled is equivalent to the power consumption of about 15,000 Norwegian households. Elkem has a long experience in energy recovery and with this plant, total energy recovery of the group will increase to approx. 900 GWh per year.

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