Expobor 2018, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

Silicon is an important raw material in the traditional automotive industry. With properties such as high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, long term thermal stability and weight reduction, it becomes one of the main allies in the manufacture of automotive parts. With the strength of 62 years of silicone experience, Elkem Silicones offers manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry a wide range of silicone elastomers to meet the growing demand for product performance. Our technologies go hand in hand with the trends of the automotive industry and we will take advantage of the 2018 Expobor to showcase all that silicon can offer the hybrid and electric vehicle industry?, which is a growing market.

Our products are manufactured in our Mix & Fix Centers, through which Elkem Silicones is able to develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. There are 6 Mix & Fix Centers strategically located throughout the world, one in Joinville, Santa Catarina, and a global Tech Service network, ensuring efficient service to our customers. 

Elkem Silicones also offers products for molding and prototyping, rubbers for application in medical, dental, and other articles. Come to know the possible technologies and applications of silicon for better performance of your product, in ours during the 13th edition of Expobor. 

Visit us at our booth 1/2 - C/D ?during the 13th edition of Expobor?? from June 26th? to 28th (Expo Center Norte, S?o Paulo - Brazil). Elkem Silicones’ team of professionals will be more than happy to share passion with you!?

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