Elkem Iceland recives "Equal Salary Gold Label"

Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd.

In 2015 the Elkem Iceland management team started working towards ensuring equal salaries for men and women throughout the organisation, which has resulted in Elkem Iceland receiving the “Equal Salary Gold Label” from PWC.

The label is rewarded  to companies and institutions having a salary deviation between genders of less than 3.6 per cent.

“The Elkem Iceland team is exceptionally proud of the “Equal Salary Gold Label” since it supports our value of “respect” and our “one-team-spirit”.  We believe that we benefit from diversity in the workplace and ensuring we pay equal salary for the same work is one milestone in promoting and supporting a diverse workplace.“ – Thora Birna Asgeirsdottir, HR manager, Elkem Iceland.

Out of all other companies and institutions in Iceland undergoing the audit from PWC, Elkem is in first place having only 0.1 per cent difference in base salary between genders. Based on total salary, Elkem Iceland showed a 0.6 per cent deviation between genders, giving a second place compared to the other companies.

Elkem Iceland is working in accordance with the Elkem values and is motivated to reach 0.0 per cent difference in pay.

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