Bluestar Celebrates 80th Anniversary of Its Listed Subsidiary Company Adisseo

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

On August 2nd, Bluestar Group held the 80th anniversary celebration for its listed subsidiary company, Adisseo. Hao Zhigang, Chairman of the Board of Bluestar, Bluestar employee representatives, and Adisseo employees in Beijing attended the ceremony.

Hao Zhigang expressed his congratulations on the leaping development of Adisseo since its foundation. He said that such a celebration was not only to share the company’s glories, but also to improve the prospects for a better future with mutual benefit.

In the face of the increasingly fierce global competition in animal feed additive market, Bluestar Group believes that Adisseo will, driven by innovation and reform, continue to develop and provide high-quality animal nutrition additives, implement the development strategy of “dual business pillars”, and accelerate the innovation and business improvement of specialty products while continuing to maintain the leading position in the methionine industry. Through such exploration and practice, the company will enhance its competitive advantage in the global food value chain, accelerate the pace of going global, meet the needs of customers for superior products and services, and make positive contributions in promoting social and economic development.

Adisseo, founded in 1939, was formerly known as Alimentation Equilibrée. Its first factory was located in Comantree, France. The founder, Marcel Lingot, started the company with a passion for animal feed and was dedicated to the production of animal nutrition additives.

Under the guidance of the “going out” strategy of reform and opening up, Bluestar Group acquired the French Adisseo Group in 2006. It was the first overseas merger and acquisition in Chinas fine chemical industry, and the largest deal for Chinese companies to acquire French companies at the time.

After 80 years of development, as the worlds leading animal nutrition additive manufacturer, Adisseo has taken the lead in the global market due to its competitive major products.

At present, Adisseo has been in Chinese market for more than ten years. Under the leadership of ChemChina and Bluestar Group, it is getting better and better. In 2009, Adisseo built a world-class liquid methionine factory in Nanjing. In 2015, it successfully entered Chinas A-share market and became the first overseas company acquired by a Chinese central enterprise to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Every investment and decision-making have promoted its development. In recent years, its projects have been advanced smoothly and the business has developed steadily. Adisseo has established several R&D centers and production bases in Europe, the United States and China to support its international development.

In the future, Adisseo will continue to focus on the development concepts of collaboration, benchmarking and perseverance, improve the corporate governance structure, upgrade the management mechanism, continuously innovate the business model, and strive to provide customers with comprehensive solutions of animal nutrition and health. The company will strive to create maximum value for shareholders, provide a broad platform for employees, fulfill its social responsibilities, support human healthy life in an economic, safe, quality and sustainable way, and achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.


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