Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. made post-doctoral practice base in Jiangsu Province

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

The Jiangsu Provincial department of human resources and social security released the evaluation result for post-doctoral practice bases in 2019. Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. is on the list.

Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. has been committed to the introduction and training of high-level talents. It also focuses on building and improving mechanisms for talents training and providing favorable conditions and environments for Ph.D. students. The company now has five Ph.D. students, and 53 graduate students working on R&D and engineering positions. They play a leading role in the development of new products and technologies in the new materials field and corresponding market promotions. Among them, Dr. Shi Zhenghai has won many awards and included in local talents support programs. 

Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd. will continue improving management system for post-doctoral professionals and introduce more talents to expedite commercialization of research achievement and improve the core competitiveness of the company. 

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