International conference on polymer chemical blowing agents technology and applications

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

by Lisbeth Langsager

Developing low-density elastomeric silicone foams for high-performance applications.?

AMIs 4th international conference in Europe on chemical blowing agents, physical foaming , particle foam processing and syntactic foam technology for thermoplastics, elastomers and thermosets, Polymer Foam 2016, will take place in the ancient city of Cologne in Germany from 8-10 November 2016 at the Maritim Hotel by the Rhine.

Polymer Foam 2016 will bring together industry and researchers and discuss applications and properties of foam, chemical blowing agents, physical foaming, particle foam processing, compounding for foam applications. The program aims to cover a wide range of topics including construction, furnishing, automotive and packaging foams highlighting the broad range of light-weighting, insulation and impact properties of foamed materials and components, as well as the range of chemical and physical foaming technologies and machinery available.  When a material is foamed there are changes needed in the formulation, for example the addition of nucleating agents to aid bubble formation, and to control cell size and uniformity.  If the component to be foamed is injection moulded then the design may need to be adapted for structural foam moulding.  This is a highly focused professional industry debating forum. which examines the latest developments in foaming polymer materials.

Bluestar Silicones have a solid range of silicone foams that we offer to the industry and on Wednesday November 9th 2016 (11.50 am) Dr David MARIOT, Elastomers Formulation Manager of BLUESTAR SILICONES, France will speak about the development of low-density elastomeric silicone foams for high performance applications. Dr MARIOT will talk about the properties of silicone that makes the material special for a multitude of applications and answer questions about in which applications silicone foams bring advantages and why.

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