Beijing BlueStars Non-contact Infrared Thermometer of Independent R&D Came into Use

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

On February 20, a non-contact infrared thermometer for epidemic prevention purposes was displayed in the entrance hall of the Groups ground floor, which can automatically measure the body temperature of those entering the office area. It can detect the target(s) of temperature anomaly from a large crowd in 0.1s, and effectively protect the safety of personnel without delaying the passing time.

This is the overtime R&D result of the Beijing BlueStar Big Data Team based on the independently-developed temperature field measurement system of real-time infrared production pipeline during the outbreak. This instrument has the functions of automatically grabbing the highest temperature point, traceability, and built-in sound and light alarm. Until now, it has been installed in the Groups office building, Beijing BlueStar plants etc. Later, BlueStar will assist the governments to popularize and install them in the designated areas, to facilitate the safety of workers returning to work, contributing to the epidemic prevention and control with high-tech means.

The infrared thermometer is a passive receiver of infrared ray or infrared radiation from the surfaces of objects, and those objects (including human body) above absolute zero (-273℃) can be measured, harmless to the human body. Thanks to the characteristics of non-contact, accurate and fast temperature measurement, and wide area, plus its ability to achieve imaging and temperature analysis, it is very suitable for the areas with large flow of people and high density.

Focusing on the "Industrial future driven by artificial intelligence", Beijing BlueStars Big Data Team has, despite its set up for just more than a year, and around the safe, environmental, steady, long, full and optimal operation requirements of process manufacturing enterprises, developed four core products, specifically the miniaturized near-infrared spectrometer (invincible spectrum), real-time big data modeling and running platform (earthworm box), spectrum-based real-time running engine (Blue Core) and handheld near infrared analyzer (One-click), developed and built the MASCOT platform running environment based on the enterprise private cloud, and started to provide many industrial enterprises with the process detection analysis and operation control services based on big data technology operation control services.

Wang Jianjun, Secretary of Party Committee & General Manager of Beijing BlueStar, said this infrared thermometer was specially rushed out for fighting the outbreak, now just to measure the body temperature, belonging to version 1.0, and the next version 2.0 will be combined with intelligent safety monitoring, smart factory project, increase the AI identification, identity authentication, and even be integrated with the PPE wearing, safety behavior control or other perceptions, so as to be applied in broader areas. BlueStar will also achieve the digital transformation through big data and AI etc., enabling its enterprise clients to improve the production efficiency and values.
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