Beijing BlueStar Produced Salt from Near Zero Discharge Plant of Integrated Wastewater in Qilu Site

Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限企业

After Beijing BlueStar returned to work, a good news came recently from Qilu production site that industrial salt products were successfully produced from the evaporative crystallization units of near zero discharge plant of catalytic wastewater in Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company contracted by Beijing BlueStar. As the wisps of snow white salt sand were slipping slowly out of the mouth of the fully automatic packaging machine, phased results were finally achieved to the production debugging of the new plant.

This project is Sinopecs first set of chemical high-salt wastewater zero discharge and the overall resourcing project. According to the effluent quality of wastewater, Beijing BlueStar chose a reasonable process route, and finally recycled effectively the bromide in the wastewater, and reclaimed the drainage as the industrial make-up water, so as to realize the goals of wastewater resourcezation and zero discharge, with a daily treatment capacity of up to 4,800 tons.

The plant is designed to treat the high salt wastewater produced from the catalyst preparation process, with complex water quality composition, high concentration and large volatility; yet after many times of debugging, Beijing BlueStars Technical Team constantly optimized the pretreatment, membrane concentration, nanofiltration separation, electrodialysis concentration, evaporative crystallization and other process conditions, achieved the reuse of treated water, and obtained the high-quality industrial salt products, thereby realizing the recycling of water resource and salt.

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