Elkem Solar recieves funding from Enova

Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.

Kristiansand, 14 December 2016: Elkem Solar receives 25,6 million kroner from Enova, a Norwegian public enterprise aimed to promote energy efficiency measures.

The support will contribute to the work Elkem Solar now will be putting down in restructuring and investments in the production process.

The funding will help us with the investment needed to use recyclable materials to a larger extent than previously. The development in the solar business is a rapid one, and the support from Enova is highly welcome, so that we continue being in the driving seat, says Elkem Solar’s plant manager Geir Ausland.

Annually, over 100 000 households receives solar panels and renewable energy with Elkem Solar’s product. Solar silicon produced in Kristiansand is part of the solar panel value chain with the lowest CO2 foot print in the world.

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